MatjazKek believes in his team

Slovenia head coach MatjazKek believes in his squad and said that there is no doubt that his team will make it to the Euro 2020. He said that Slovenia has some good players at the moment and that it is important that they believe in themselves.

Slovenia has not qualified for a major tournament since the 2010 World Cup and MatjazKek believes that it is high time that they changed that. He believes that the current squad has the potential to make it to the Euro 2020 and that it is important that they have the belief and determination to achieve that.

He said that as a coach he is doing his best to help his team and it is up to the players to deliver the goods on the pitch. He said that the Slovenia federation is providing all the necessary facilities and resources to help prepare the team in the best possible condition and the players should make full use of these resources.

MatjazKek said that there is a good unity within the team and the players are all focused on the objectives of qualifying for the Euro 2020.

The next two games of Slovenia will see them face Poland and Israel in September 2019. MatjazKek said that this will be an important game for the team and that it is important that they prepare themselves well. He said that Poland is a strong team with some really good technical players and that Slovenia should have to be at their best if they want to get a result from the game.

MatjazKek said that he has a training program already in place and that he is looking forward to these games and that he is sure that they will get a positive result.